Unit 5 Digital Literacy -- Collaboration and Sharing

Developing the skills to locate and evaluate information and knowing how to use that information responsibly result in being able to move on to collaboration and sharing.  This unit focuses on putting together all the information learned in the previous units to demonstrate creativity and work collaboratively. In addition, we’ll look at adding global awareness to the information seeking process. This article by Alan November, “Clearing the Confusion between Technology Rich and Innovative Poor: Six Questionsprovides a series of examples of students applying digital literacy skills like search and evaluation to build a positive digital footprint. The article also adds some new concepts like researching with a global perspective and communicating information using a variety of formats. 

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  1. As you worked through the class and learned about Digital Literacy, compare your growth process to the SAMR model. What barriers do you anticipate? Do you see yourself in more than one area on the SAMR model? Submit your 1-2 page synopsis to the class instructor with the subject Digital Unit 5 Assignment 1. Be sure to include your name.
  2. Develop a lesson plan in the content area and grade level you currently teach moving a current lesson into where you are on the SAMR model?  Explain why you chose this place on the SAMR model to start. How are you going to integrate this into an assignment?  Show state technology standards, ISTE-NETS or appropriate standards. Label it Digital Unit 5 Assignment 2, mail it to the class instructor and be sure to include your name.