Make Learning Personal - Final

Part 1: Philosophy/Pedagogy -- You have now read the book, Make Learning Personal and explored some other materials. How do you see this changing your current philosophy/pedagogy? Does it impact your thoughts towards the possibility of customized learning? What barriers do you encounter that could hinder this kind of change in your classroom? We only scratch the surface in this workshop. Which aspects of this inspired you? Are you planning to move forward with more of this in your classroom? 3-6 paragraphs

Part 2: Application -- Looking over the content of this course, what tools or resources do you see utilizing most as a professional educator? What do you think you can do to change your delivery in the classroom? How changes should directly improve learning for students? How do we involve more teachers/administrators to take advantage of this method?  2-3 paragraphs

Part 3: Feedback -- Was there an unexpected learning, a serendipity, or an "aha" moment for you in this class? What do you wish you could have spent more time learning? Was there a frustrating or waste-of-time task for you? What are your biggest barriers to utilizing your learnings from this class? What do you wish had been a part of this class that was not covered? 1-2 paragraphs