Make Learning Personal - Unit 1 Activity 2 - The Importance of Vocabulary

The authors discuss Personalized vs. Differentiation vs. Individualization. We at TIE discuss Blended vs. Personalized vs. Customized. Please view a short video on that here.

Make a list of all the times you teach students specifically about digital literacy. Do you feel like students really grasp all the skills they will need? Do they learn it in other places besides your classroom? Is it enough? If not, what is the plan to fill those gaps?

The authors touch briefly on Adaptive Learning Systems, Blended Learning, Differentiated Instruction, the Flipped Classroom, 1:1 Programs, Project-Based Learning, and Individualized Learning Plans (IEP's). You will find full classes on three of these topics on this website. The other topics are discussed within our face-to-face sessions.