Unit 1 Learn What Flexible Curriculum is Through a Gooru Experience

To best learn what flexible curriculum is and what it can do, in this unit you will spend time exploring one flexible curriculum site, Gooru. Gooru is one of many flexible curriculum sites that acts as a container (holding learning resources) and allows you to search, modify, add, and share resources. By digging into one site, you will come away with an understanding of how online curriculum can be used and managed.

Unit Outcomes

  • Define flexible curriculum

  • Consider why textbooks aren't enough

  • Explore an on-line flexible curriculum site

Read & View



1. Based on the two videos, the article, and your own thinking, answer the following questions and e-mail it to the class instructor with the subject FlexCurr Unit 1 Assignment.  Be sure to include your name:

  1. What is your current definition of flexible curriculum?

  2. What goals do you have for using flexible curriculum in your classroom, school, and/or environment?

  3. What are you currently pondering/questioning about flexible curriculum?

2.  Based on the work you did in Activity 1 and 2, answer the questions below and e-mail it to the class instructor with the subject FlexCurr Unit 1 Assignment 2. Be sure to include your name:

  1. While navigating through Gooru, what did you find user friendly?

  2. What did you find challenging?

  3. As a facilitator of flexible curriculum, share the collection that you modified (include the remix link in your assignment email). Tell how you modified it to meet the learning needs of students.

Assignments 1 and 2 will be scored based on the rubric below: