Unit 2 Activity 1 - Exploring CK-12

In this activity, you will explore another flexible curriculum website, CK-12. In Assignment 1, you will produce a graphic organizer that compares and contrasts CK-12 to Gooru. So, as you explore CK-12, here are a few things to help guide your thinking (and how they compare to Gooru):

  • philosophy and mission

  • student and teacher usability

  • parent component

  • type of content/resources already available

  • amount of content that matches your teaching context

  • features

  • process of creating a class and/or course

  • adding your own content...

You created an account for CK-12 in Unit 0. You can find CK-12 here.

As you explore, it may be helpful to view CK-12's "User Guide for Teachers and Parents."

Another helpful link is to a playlist of YouTube videos, "CK-12 Tutorials."