Unit 4 Exploring TIE’s Flexible Curriculum

This is your opportunity to become a part of a collaborative group to curate OER content to provide the best learning experience for learners using the Evolution matrices. TIE is in the process of working with teachers across the state to create an evolution matrix for each content area. The big picture is allowing students to work at their level of understanding whether that means going beyond their traditional grade level or staying below to gain the depth of understanding to move forward. This would mean erasing grade levels to allow students to work with clusters of standards at their readiness level.

Unit Outcomes

  • Become familiar with the TIE Standards Evolution.

  • Learn how to add content to the TIE flexible curriculum matrix in one content area.

  • Add content to one of the TIE flexible curriculum matrices.

Read & View

  • Read “Creating a Common Language of Learning: A Continuum of Learning” to learn why “a continuum of Learning”(Standards Evolution) is hard but important work.

  • View the video explaining the TIE Standards Evolution.

  • View the Evolution Matrices. Click on the links for the standards clusters to see how the rubrics are developed and flexible curriculum is provided to support the standards within this cluster. You will notice the greatest amount of work to add curated resources has been done in the Math Flexible Curriculum. The matrices have also been created for ELA, Science, and Social Studies, but the curated resources are still needed. You will notice we have no evolution matrix developed for the Fine Arts and CTE areas yet. This is a work in progress requiring the assistance of teachers like you.


Activity 1 - Learn about the Standards evolution and practice the procedures provided in the videos and depicted in the site.

Activity 2 - Curate learning resources for the TIE flexible curriculum following the procedures provided in Activity 1.


  1. Use the procedures outlined and the content sites provided in activities 1 and 2 to do the following:

      a. Locate one cluster of standards (including emerging, foundational and mastery standards).

      b. Curate content (text, video, interactives, simulations, practice sheets, collaborative activities, and assessments)

      c. Click on the content tracking document found below. Add the curated content by clicking on the “standards grouping” link within the document. Add your feedback to the tracking document.


    d. Copy the curated content and send the links to the class instructor with the subject FlexCurr Unit 4 Assignment 1. Be sure to include your name.

*If your content area is not listed with a matrix and rubric, please email the instructor the group of standards you have clustered and the curated content aligned to these standards.

*If you would like to add content to a different matrix/progression, please contact the instructor. 

2. Write a reflection about the process of curating content for flexible curriculum. (If you are interested in continuing this work to use the evolution matrix in your classroom, please let the instructor know.) Email your reflection to the class instructor with the subject FlexCurr Unit 4 Assignment 2. Be sure to include your name.

Assignment 1 Rubric:

Unit4 A1rubric.png

Assignment 2 Rubric: