Unit 2 - Leaders

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  • Activity 1 - While viewing the video - MCL: Lori Schedules Her Learning Plan reflect on the following questions-

    1. Lori's school completed a Strategic Design process that identified exit learner outcomes for their graduates. How would you propose to start this process in your school/district?

    2. Lori's school creates and publishes an annual online calendar of events that includes everything learners will have to know to create their personal schedules. Looking at your school, what would you include on this calendar?

    3. A combination of online learning, seminars, and face to face classes are part of a student's personal schedule. Give your opinion of what classes or areas of study are best suited for each of these three.

    4. In order for this type of school system to exist, a school/district must have a learner-centered, outcome based, open and flexible culture. Give your opinion of where your school/district stands in this type of culture?

    5. What technology needs would you need in order to make it possible for students to develop their own learning plans in your school/district?


  1. Reference Figure 2.3 and come up with a baby list (those practices that have their roots in research, accepted theory, expert opinion, or successful experiences in your district) and a bathwater list (those practices and strategies that are based on tradition, norms, convenience or habit in your district). In one paragraph describe why these items are baby and in another paragraph why these items are bathwater in your district. Email your lists and paragraphs to your class instructor with the subject Total Leaders Unit 2 Assignment 1. Be sure to include your name.

  2. Select one of the following four models of flexible grouping: power goal model, workshop model, seminar model or combination model as discussed in Chapter 2 of Inevitable Too! Discuss in at least two paragraphs how this model could be adapted to your school/district and how it is different from tracking. Email your paragraphs to your class instructor with the subject Total Leaders Unit 2 Assignment 2. Be sure to include your name.

  3. In at least one paragraph, reflect on what strategies your school/district has in place to make the learner the focus of decision making. This can be referenced from Chapter 2 Inevitable Too! You're not doing MCL unless...2. Total learner focus. Email your paragraph to your class instructor with the subject Total Leaders Unit 2 Assignment 3. Be sure to include your name.