Unit 1 Introduction to Project-Based Learning


  • Identify the basic elements of a Project-Based Unit and evaluate how it might be used in supporting a student centered classroom
  • Evaluate options for planning documents and decide on one to use as your test planning document to organize your Project-Based Unit
  • Familiarize yourself with a new tech tool that will facilitate the customization of the Project-Based approach

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  1.  Please make sure that all assignments are submitted to dhenry@tiegapps.net to insure prompt response. Create a list of the essential elements described in chapter 1, defining them in your own terms (control, relevance, rigor, enduring understanding) Submit this word document to your instructor. Make sure that you define the words as they are relevant to a successful Project Based Unit, and not just the standard Webster version.  Label it PBL Unit 1 Assignment 1. Be sure to include your name.
  2. Send your planning document to your instructor including standards you selected in Activity 1. Label it PBL Unit 1 Assignment 2. Be sure to include your name.