Unit 2 Project Based Learning: The Essentials


  • Recognize elements that support and promote student inquiry and envision how they might be implemented with your students.
  • Familiarize yourself with current brain research and how Project-Based Units support recent findings.
  • Check out some Project-Based planning
  • Explore a technology tool you might want to incorporate into your Project-Based process

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  1. Modify your planning document to include a clear description of the "hook" you will use for your planned Project-Based Unit that will capture your students attention and spark their curiosity. Submit this to your instructor. Label it PBL Unit 2 Assignment 1. Be sure to include your name.
  2. Submit the two completed Tech tool box evaluations you completed in Activity 4. Submit this to your instructorLabel it PBL Unit 2 Assignment 2. Be sure to include your name.